Giving moms peace of mind with plant-based DHA

Supporting maternal nutrition with DHA

When it comes to meeting moms’ preferences for maternal nutrition, there is a growing need for convenient solutions, smaller capsule sizes and trustworthy plant-based ingredients that support optimal maternal and infant health. 

As experts in maternal nutrition and essential solutions for early life, DSM is committed to supporting manufacturers in the development of high-quality, reliable DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) solutions that can help shape healthier futures.

The latest addition to DSM’s nutritional lipids portfolio is a high-potency DHA oil life’sDHA® SF55-O200DS - the only 550 mg/g natural triglyceride DHA intended for use in maternal nutrition.

Plant-based, sustainable and high-potency, life’sDHA® SF55-O200DS offers mom’s peace of mind throughout pregnancy and beyond:

  • Scientifically proven to support infant brain and eye health   
  • Science shows that DHA may help support a full-term birth and reduce the risk of preterm birth  
  • The only 550 mg/g natural triglyceride DHA 
  • Sustainable plant-based alternative to fish oil  
  • A trusted source of contaminant-free omega-3 
  • Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan

Learn more about life’sDHA® SF55-O200S

Learn more about DSM’s high potency algal DHA for preconception, pregnancy, and nursing women.


Creating omega-3 solutions you (and moms) can trust

Our new infographic explores how you can make sure your omega-3s deliver on moms’ needs and give babies the best start in life with life’sDHA® SF55-O200DS. 

5 ways DHA helps give moms peace of mind

Discover how life’sDHA® SF55-O200DS meets consumer expectations for omega-3 supplementation. 

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