Go for gold in the nutrition space with DSM’s market-ready solutions: a success story

By:  Talking Nutrition Editors

  • Congratulations to our partner and founder of VA Health – Viktor Axelsen – for his gold win in badminton at the 2020 Olympic games.
  • To help individuals take performance to the next level and reach their full potential, Viktor recently launched VA Health – a Danish company focused on probiotic nutritional supplements.
  • From concept to consumer, DSM helped Viktor bring his vision to life – supporting in the development of six health-benefit driven nutritional solutions, targeted towards immunity, performance, mental health, energy levels and digestive comfort. Read on to learn how we made this possible as an end-to-end partner.

Unlocking athletes’ potential with probiotics

In just 10 months, DSM turned VA Health’s vision into a reality. Watch our video to learn more.


Tailored nutrition is the key to optimal performance in athletes. Not only are the foods sportspeople eat essential for fueling their body, but they help it to recover faster too. While research is in the early stages, growing evidence demonstrates that probiotics may be useful for supporting overall general health, performance and energy availability. Probiotics are live organisms most commonly found in fermented foods that offer numerous health benefits, including supporting digestive health and immune function. In addition, probiotics may also play an important role in controlling inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, ultimately resulting in enhanced recovery. Through these beneficial actions, probiotics may enhance recovery from fatigue and support athletic performance.

To support high-performance athletes, like himself, in reaching their full potential, Viktor was inspired to set up VA Health – a company that focuses on improving health and lifestyle through probiotic food supplements. As of late 2020, VA Health offers a successful line of premium ‘superfoods’, targeted towards health benefits like immunity, performance, mental health, energy levels and digestive comfort. The superfood products also come in convenient, ready-to-use sachets, making them an attractive option for individuals with demanding schedules. However, delivering fully developed concepts to consumers like this comes with unique challenges. To turn his vision into a reality, Viktor and his team recognized that they needed a partner; choosing DSM, a global purpose-led company active in the nutrition and health space.

Partnering for gold

As an end-to-end innovation partner, DSM helped make VA Health’s unique nutritional portfolio a reality in just 10 months. Working together through the development process – from ideation to finished product – DSM brought the high-quality ingredients, customized solutions and expert services needed for the project to thrive. As an example, the company’s experts helped to select the best science-backed blend of proprietary probiotic strains and combined them with added vitamins and fresh fruit and vegetable extracts to create winning nutritional formulas based on proven concepts. By handling the product packaging, DSM was also able to streamline processes and ensure a faster lead-time to market.

Winning with DSM’s market-ready solutions offering

This was all made possible by DSM’s market-ready solutions, which extend from brand idea to creating the final product on the shelf. Through this offering, DSM helps to streamline the concept-to-consumer process, so that customers can bring purpose-led solutions to market faster. This includes providing the development, production, regulatory and global roll-out support partners need to seize new opportunities in the human nutrition and health space, whether in the supplement, medical nutrition, or food and beverage markets.

Discover how we can turn your vision into a finished product that can help people live healthier, happier lives.

Published on

23 August 2021


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