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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Environment and sustainability

A highly digestible and sustainable diet is beneficial for both fish and the environment. Less waste is produced, and natural resources are preserved.
Open sea cage aqua farming

Our innovative ingredients promote sustainable production by increasing the utilization of nutrients by fish and reducing the amount of waste excreted. This improves performance, and reduces the impact of fish farming on the environment.

RONOZYME® Phytases are highly effective feed additives which increase the availability of phosphorous in vegetable based feed ingredients. As a result, less additional inorganic phosphorus is required in the feed, and the amount of phosphorous excreted into the environment is reduced.

DHAgold™ is a source of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids that is not produced from, or reliant on, fish. It is derived instead from dried algae. Use of this innovative feed ingredient improves sustainability by allowing aquaculture to employ fewer fish-based products while maintaining healthy DHA omega-3 levels.

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