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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Welfare in swine

As Consumers pay more attention to where and how their food is produced, welfare standards are becoming increasingly important.

Our products are developed to help farmers tackle key welfare concerns in swine production.

Pigs in sand bedding

Swine welfare includes:

  • The ability of the animal to thrive in its environment
  • The air quality in a swine unit

Our innovative products can make a positive difference in both these areas.

Stronger swine

The stronger a finishing pig’s skeleton, the better it will cope, compete and grow. The stronger a sow’s skeleton, the longer her productive life will be.

Following extensive research, our Hy-D® – a unique vitamin D3metabolite – has been proven to build a stronger skeleton right from the start of an animal’s life.

Lower ammonia levels

Reducing ammonia levels in swine housing improves swine welfare. Improved air quality, an effect of reduced ammonia levels, is a major benefit for swine and for the staff who work with them.

PureGro™ is a proven direct fed microbial, which can reduce ammonia emissions and improve conditions for the handling of manure.

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