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DSM in Automotive

Close-up of a speedometer


From timing systems and oil sumps to bearing cages, FEAD systems and dual mass flywheels.

Blown airbag in test car


Clean air ducts, turbo resonators, hot & cold charge air ducts, caps and air intake manifolds.

Blown airbag in test car

Safety components

From airbag containers to brake booster valve bodies and brake tubes.

Close-up of head lights of a red car

Automotive lighting

Adaptive lighting frames, bulbs, sockets, LED components and bezels

Car chassis in factory

Chassis and structural parts

Including major structural reinforcements as well as body plugs.

Interior of car


Air vanes, pedal systems and gear shifter consoles.

Side view of  grey car


Door handle systems and outdoor rearview mirrors.

Highway by night

Automotive E&E

Coils, connectors, fuseblocks, sensors, wire, cable and electronic control modules.

Cargo container on a lorry

Cargo containers

The new HighQ cargo container replaces the corrugated steel traditionally used in containers.

Hand holding a gas tank

Gas tank systems

Weight reduction with low permeability


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