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DSM in Automotive

Tackling high heat: plastics for air ducts 

A complete portfolio for the air management system

If you’re looking to improve the aging performance of vibration welded air ducts, look no further than our family of automotive plastics. These materials are proven to outperform alternatives at lower cost for cold charge air ducts, hot charge air ducts, and clean air ducts, both injection molded and blow molded. But don’t just take our word for it…

When tier 1, Hutchinson, redesigned the iconic Alfa Romeo Giulietta it chose our Stanyl® Diablo polyamide 46 as the material for the air duct resonators used in the turbo engine. In their words: “This material has the ideal combination of mechanical and fatigue properties at very high temperatures with excellent welding retention: This makes it the only engineering plastic that could meet the Fiat technical requirements - while also offering a cost advantage compared to metal solutions.”