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DSM in Automotive

Automotive plastics for blow molded air ducts

When it comes to automotive air ducts, neither metal nor injection molding really delivers the design flexibility needed for the complex under-the-hood environment.

Enter our Stanyl® Diablo polyamide 46 - the first and only high temperature polyamide for blow-molded ducts that can handle continuous use temperatures up to 230°C.

It’s the ideal material for both metal and PPS replacement in blow-molded air ducts - offering a significant cost benefit thanks to its lower weight and scrap rate: Machines currently using PPS can easily be converted to Stanyl Diablo with no additional investment.

Replace PPS air ducts with Stanyl

Use this unique automotive plastic for blow molded air ducts and you can reduce weight by up to 10% thanks to the material’s lower density and improved wall thickness distribution.

Furthermore, Stanyl is tougher than PPS, which means less scrap and breakages. All this with no additional investment needed in tools and machinery, and unlike PPS, Stanyl doesn’t cross link in the event of machine breakdown or stoppage.