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DSM in Automotive

Akulon & Akulon Diablo: Integration of AIM & CAC

For lower temperature AIM applications, Akulon® Diablo enables you to integrate the AIM & CAC thanks to its ability to deliver long-term heat aging performance and mechanical properties at 200°C plus.
Detail view of an air inlet manifold

In fact, we co-developed the automotive industry’s first ever serially produced air intake manifold with an integrated liquid charged-air cooler in partnership with Röchling Automotive AG & Co. KG for the Volkswagen TSI engine.

Compared to similar turbo systems with air-to-air charged air coolers, this pioneering advance has the potential to help manufacturers achieve a 20% reduction in weight, cost and the number of parts – while reducing engine compartment size by 40%, virtually eliminating turbo lag, while also creating more design possibilities under the hood.

So it was no surprise when the new design led the two companies to win the 2012 Automotive Innovation Award (Powertrain Segment) from the Society of Plastics Engineers (Europe).

High flow plastics for the AIM

If you’re looking to manufacture an AIM with reduced cycle times, greater energy in production and achieving up to 25% higher molding activity… look no further than Akulon Ultraflow – our high flow polyamide 6 for air management systems.

This material delivers an HDT of 180°C, plus an improved surface finish. So why not go with the flow?