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DSM in Automotive

Cooling-related applications under the hood.

Excellent hydrolysis resistance across a wide range of temperatures, that is what we offer.

DSM already has an extensive portfolio of materials based on polyamides 410 and 4T (EcoPaXX® and ForTii® respectively), which are inherently resistant to hydrolysis. Recently DSM has added compounds based on Xytron™ polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and a new grade of Akulon® polyamide 66 to this portfolio.

The Akulon PA66 is available in two versions: HR-HG6 and HR-HG7, containing 30% and 35% glass fibre reinforcement respectively. Both have been shown good resistance to an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol under accelerated tests. They comply with OEM requirements for materials to have a high retention of flexural strength after immersion in the solution for 1000h at 135°C. Applications for this materials include expansion tanks, air intake manifolds with integrated cooling channels, oil filter/cooler modules and oil pans with integrated coolant channels.

Next DSM offers Xytron® (PPS), compound formulations with both glass fiber reinforcement and mineral filler to provide the required characteristics for automotive components. PPS has sufficient heat resistance for use in components operating in environments with temperatures constantly at 200°C and even higher.