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DSM in Automotive

Automotive connectors: If you can’t stand the heat…

The trend towards miniaturization is continuing apace – no more so than for connectors. Our thermoplastics are giving design engineers renewed flexibility in creating next-generation connectors with improved features that are able to perform reliably at the highest temperatures.
Close-up of a connector

Quite simply, automotive connectors made with Stanyl® have shorter cycle times in production and are easier to process, especially when you use our high-flow grades. Stanyl delivers top performance where it’s needed most: In critical application areas for wire harness connectors used in turbo diesel injection engines; and in wire-side sealed connectors – both of which are constantly exposed to extremely high temperatures and chemicals.

In particular:

  • Connectors made with Stanyl TW341 and Stanyl TW363 offer heat resistance and film hinge capability after exposure to oil and diesel for 2,000hrs at 150°C
  • Stanyl TW200F6 provides a ‘one material solution’ for all the positions of a high-temperature wire-side sealed connector and complies with USCAR testing protocol
  • Connectors benefit from the high stiffness of Stanyl at high operating temperatures, and the toughness it delivers for snap fit. With high flow and a faster cycle time than PPS and PPA, Stanyl lowers costs and offers more design freedom