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DSM in Automotive

Exceeding performance in Electrical & Electronics

In electric and hybrid electric vehicles the inverter is a key engine component: Fuse blocks and buss bars are integral to the performance of the inverter - and our thermoplastics are proving to be ideal for these applications thanks to their strength, high temperature performance and better resistance to high-current load during testing.
Male hands drawing on a notebook with a fuse block laying on top

As electrical and hybrid vehicles grow in number, so too does the need for components that provide the best possible performance. Our Stanyl® TW200F6 outperforms various plastics in component evaluation for the fuse boxes and buss bars.

Stanyl offers resistance to the high temperature generated from both the current passing through the components as well as heat from the engine; while its processing ability and flow characteristics enable the components to properly encapsulate copper bushings and large copper terminals.

The mechanical properties of Stanyl - particularly stiffness - also allow the block to be secured on top of a compressive layer and maintain compression during the life of the component.

Ideal for plastic replacement

Alternative materials like PPS and PPA are prone to brittle failures and cracking when used for fuse blocks and bus bars - which in turn leads to high reject rates.

In fact one of our key customers found that Stanyl TW200F6 and TE200F8 outperformed PPS and PPA in component evaluation: This material offers a great combination of flow and peak temperature resistance up to 290°C – delivering greater reliability and peace of mind for manufacturers.

DSM in e-vehicles

Today, we are already working with automotive customers on solutions for various applications for e-vehicles and hybrids, including:

  • Start/stop components (starter gears and solenoids and alternator bearings, covers and bobbins)
  • Coil insulation for electro motors
  • High voltage cables
  • High voltage connectors
  • Voltage charging plugs

Increasingly, the future is electric…