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DSM in Automotive

Reflow connectors with JEDEC MSL1 rating


Reflow soldering should be the obvious choice of connection for automotive electronics. The electronics system in automotive is becoming ever more important, not only for the comfort and entertainment of the passenger but also for the safety. The defect rate for wave or selective wave soldering is an order of magnitude higher than for reflow soldering, resulting in a much higher touch up and rework rate, which also results more field failures.

DSM offers a portfolio of reliable solutions for reflow connectors. The latest addition is ForTii Ace JTX8. ForTii Ace JTX8 is currently the only polyamide grade in the world to have secured, in all product designs, the JEDEC MSL 1 (moisture sensitivity level 1) rating. This means that connector and component designers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a polyamide material in creating a robust product, without worrying at all about blistering during assembly even after long shelf time.

ForTii Ace JTX8 offers:

  • Certified Jedec MSL 1 rating in all designs
  • Blister-free during high temperature soldering processes
  • High temperature resistance
  • Halogen-free making it a truly electrical friendly material

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