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DSM in Automotive

Directing the beam with plastic

Next-generation Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL/AFX) modules are officially here. Our new Arnite® A Xl grade is a low outgassing PET and a key part of the Xenon systems being used in the upper segment - allowing for additional features like Automatic High Beam Adjustment.
Man holding an adaptive forward lighting frame

Manufacturers now have a viable, proven material for adaptive lighting applications – in the shape of Arnite A XL.

Arnite A XL fills the gap between low outgassing PBTs on one hand and PPA, PEI, PES on the other. In fact it was developed in close cooperation with an established automotive lighting system supplier.

This unique thermoplastic improves dynamic stability and limits resonant frequencies via its thermal stability, excellent dimensional stability and high specific stiffness, as well as offering zero moisture emission.

Ideal for PPA replacement

Arnite A XL is ideal for PPA replacement, improving the dynamic stability of the module at high Relative Humidities with zero moisture emissions – unlike issue PA66 and PPA.

When compared to other alternative materials like PES and PEI, Arnite A XL offers significant savings. However, Arnite A XL isn’t just limited to frames. The material is also ideal for fog-lamp housings, lens holders and lamp sockets.

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