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DSM in Automotive

Lighting the way in LED components

The industry has entered a new era in automotive daytime running lighting: The age of LED. By integrating LED chips into lighting systems you can improve light output and thus preserve energy while reducing size and extending the active life of the component. In fact our Arnite® A XL for fans is helping to make this possible for both static and adaptive lighting systems.
Close-up of a hand holding a cooling fan for an LED component

In theory, LED lighting is a must-have for any manufacturer – and indeed driver. But the reality is that because the active chip surface is so small, it can be difficult to keep it sufficiently cool to integrate with plastic components.

At DSM we’ve overcome this barrier with our Arnite A XL for fans that supply a constant cool air flow over a sustained period. This makes them the ideal alternative to traditional, heavier and more costly heat sink solutions.

The material is proven to perform in the toughest conditions; against both bumpy road conditions and across the extreme temperature range associated with LED systems. Arnite PET XL has good stiffness, strength, density and low warping.

The future

Now we’re developing yet more low outgassing materials for passive cooling LED-based systems. These thermally conductive materials have very high mechanical strength and productivity – which in turn helps address one of the biggest challenges for future LED systems: Continued weight and cost reduction through smart design and consolidation of parts.

For inspiration we look to other industries. In the domestic lighting industry, for example, we’re seeing a continuing trend for metal replacement with our Stanyl® TC polyamide 46 replacing aluminum heat sinks.