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DSM in Automotive

Proven performance in motor management

Stanyl® meets the demands of motor management actuators through its extreme durability-in-use. This light-weight material is valued for its weight and emission-reduction qualities in intermediate and output gears.
Motor management

Extreme performance

Cost reduction is always a consideration and Stanyl offers you unmatched performance enabling outstanding design and allowing you to do more with less.

  • Stanyl boosts accuracy – its excellent tribological behavior (as much as 50% less wear vs. PPA) and low creep tendency (up to 30% less than PPA) create gear trains with high and constant accuracy
  • Stanyl increases stiffness and strength retaining them around 30% higher at 150°C than PPA / PA66 allowing for higher torque loads
  • Stanyl improves reliability and safety exhibiting high fatigue resistance (25% higher stresses at same number of cycles) and high impact strength (around 25% higher than comparable PPAs)
  • Stanyl flows better – around 10-20% up on similar PPAs, cycling up to 30% faster

200m vehicles worldwide

Stanyl’s extreme performance has placed it in over 200m vehicles worldwide where it’s successfully used in actuators like:

The right grade for you

Stanyl comes in a variety of grades allowing you to select the right properties for each design application including: Glass-filled alternatives (TW200F6 and TW200F8)

  • Optimized wear & friction grades (TW271F6, TW271F8)
  • Carbon-fiber filled choices for extreme stiffness and fatigue requirements (TW241B3, TW200B6, TW272B6)
  • Highly-filled grades for extreme applications (TW241F12, TW278F10)

See which type of Stanyl meets your material needs in our product database.