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DSM in Automotive

High heat resistant Dual Mass Flywheels: With Stanyl

The Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF) (or Mechanical Torsion Dampers - MTD) - play a key role in combating noise, vibration and wear and tear. Now thanks to our Stanyl® polyamide 46, they are tougher than ever – while boosting the life and performance of the DMF component.
Detail of a dual mass flywheel

Stanyl is ideal for managing the rotation vibrations in the DMF (which is found between the engine and the transmission) thanks to its stable friction properties, excellent resistance to chemicals and oils, and ability to provide outstanding strength and stiffness for prolonged periods at high temperatures.

Reduce friction in Dual Mass Flywheels

But this is only half the story: By replacing metal in the DMF with Stanyl you can reduce weight by up to 50%; reduce system costs thanks to its easy processing; and cut fuel emissions and resultant carbon footprint.

The higher the temperature, the tougher the environment and the more vibration…the more value you get from the performance of Stanyl. That’s our definition of bright science.

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