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DSM in Automotive

Sustainable oil sumps with Akulon Ultraflow: Case study

The engine inside the Peugeot 508 features a sustainable oil sump that is 60% lighter, more sustainable and less expensive than before, while providing the mechanical performance essential for this demanding automotive application. How? With Akulon® Ultraflow – our high-flow, reinforced polyamide 6.
Akulon Ultraflow oil sump peugeot

Specifically, Peugeot is using Akulon Ultraflow K-FHG7 for its new, injection molded oil system, manufactured by leading tier 1 supplier Steep Plastique. This new oil sump passed a series of high-tech safety tests including curb impact, stone impact, and the engine drop test. How?

Proven materials for oil sump manufacturing

Not only is this 35% glass reinforced grade significantly lighter than traditional metal (and thus more fuel efficient), but it’s also heat stabilized, with very good flow properties. In fact Akulon Ultraflow offers up to 80% improved flow and a 40% reduction in injection molding cycle times, enabling thinner walls and more flexibility in product design - with no compromise on mechanical properties.