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DSM in Automotive

Time to reduce friction in valve timing systems

Looking to reduce friction in valve timing systems? Automotive plastics like our Stanyl® polyamide 46 will help you achieve it: Good for planet – and profit.

Now you can replace polyamide 66 in engine timing systems – and reduce CO2 emission by up to 2 g/km: With penalties in Europe alone now at €94 per excess gram of CO2 per car, this not only reduces your carbon footprint but will also trigger fleet-wide savings in the multi-million euro range – and all for an incremental material cost of just €100,000.

The lowest friction and highest fatigue performance in valve timing systems

Stanyl delivers the lowest friction of any plastic when lubricated with engine oil. In fact, our Tribometer testing shows a 20% lower Coefficient of Friction (CoF) compared to commercial PA66.

Stanyl also provides the best wear and fatigue performance in engine timing systems: Up to seven times longer than PA66. It handles high chain tension, particularly when guides and tensioners have a small radii of curvature due to limited packaging space; and when chain slap starts causing pitting wear.