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DSM in Automotive

PA12 replacement in brake tubes

Increasing demands on systems like vacuum and airbrake tubes mean that new, different materials are needed. That’s what we deliver in the form of Arnitel® - a tough TPC ideal for PA12 replacement in brake tubes. Importantly, Arnitel performs in the toughest of conditions without the need for plasticizers– which makes for greener, faster and more cost-effective production with less chemicals.

In the extreme heat of the engine, Arnitel is a material you can rely on to keep the brake tube strong and stop it from collapsing or bursting. This unique thermoplastic replaces PA12 with a weight reduction of up to 50% and eliminates the need for heat shields because of its high-vacuum collapse temperature. Most importantly it provides excellent performance from -140°C to 200°C.

Better than PA12

PA12 replacement is now a reality when you use Arnitel. At low temperatures Arnitel is strong yet flexible versus the more brittle performance of PA12. At high temperatures, it still performs when PA12 starts to deform or melt…

The material is durable – a critical need for safety components that need to last for the vehicle’s lifetime. In fact, after aging, Arnitel shows a 30% better fitting retention that both PA11 and PA12.

Arnitel also has high mechanical strength and elongation at break. Yet, as a TPC, also gives you flexibility that makes it superior to the more brittle PA12 and PA612.

And all this with no plasticizers or vulcanization.

Ozone resistance

When it comes to safety systems there are no second chances. Our research teams have worked on Arnitel for brake tubes extensively at our In-house test facilities (method ISO 1431 / DIN 53509).

The result: Arnitel grades meet the most stringent OEM requirements in the industry.