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DSM in Automotive

Arnitel®: Ideal for rubber replacement

Arnitel is a family of Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers (known as TPE, COPE and TPC) that gives you the strength and processing characteristics of engineering plastics combined with the performance of thermoset elastomers. The result: Improved processing and productivity when used for rubber replacement in automotive applications.

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Our Arnitel grades span a broad variety of applications where flexibility, durability, extreme temperature performance and/or mechanical strength are needed. Relative to other elastomers, polyester-based materials offer the most consistent performance because their properties remain stable at both low and high temperature extremes. In the case of Arnitel this has been proven in solutions like tubes and hoses in automotive, as well other heavy-duty industries.

Arnitel benefits

Arnitel is ideal for rubber replacement due to its outstanding mechanical properties and ability to achieve optimal performance without the extra processing associated with vulcanization.

The material is extremely resistant to chemicals and creep. Arnitel is well suited to automotive applications due to its resistance to chemicals and oils as well as its excellent creep resistance.

It offers extremely flexible processing: Arnitel can be injection molded, blow molded and extruded with a range of different grades available to suit individual manufacturers' conversion processes.

Arnitel is an environmentally friendly solution: Through traditional recycling methods as well as innovative new methods of sustainability- in line with our goal of reducing carbon footprint.


How and where is Arnitel being used in today’s automotive market?

Air and fuel:

Safety components:

Chassis and structural parts:

Automotive electrical & electronics: