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DSM in Automotive

Bio-based with zero carbon footprint

EcoPaXX® is 70% bio-based engineering plastic that ushers in a new era for an automotive industry increasingly focused on Life Cycle Assessments and the need for a cradle-to-gate approach when reducing carbon footprint. What makes EcopPaXX special is the fact that most of the polymer comes from building blocks derived from castor oil - a totally renewable energy source.

EcoPaXX is a polyamide 410 that not only derives from 70% renewable materials but is also proven to be 100% carbon neutral from cradle-to-gate. In other words the carbon dioxide generated during its production process offsets the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in the growth phase of the raw material – in this case castor beans.

EcoPaXX belongs to the family of the “long-chain polyamides” and offers all their traditional advantages including low moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance. However, it also offers a high melting point - in fact the highest of all bio-based polyamides (up to 250ºC) - plus a high crystallization rate typical of engineering plastics like polyamide 6 and polyamide 46.

How did we do it?

Bright science calls for bright ideas. At DSM we’re a renowned leader in polyamide technology – but as one of the world’s leading Life Sciences and Materials Sciences companies we also play in many other key areas of the bio-based economy – from white biotech to enzyme science.

EcopaXX is a direct result of this: The castor oil that makes the product possible is found in the Ricinus Communis plant, which grows in the tropics. It can grow on relatively poor soil, and it doesn’t compete with the food chain.


How and where is EcopaXX® being used in today’s automotive market?