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DSM in Automotive

The one part solution

Arnitel HT will allow system suppliers to produce the ducts in a single material and using a single process step. The current standard practice is to assemble separate elements in hard thermoplastics or metal and soft thermosetting rubbers, which need to be produced in diverse operations. Switching to Arnitel HT will provide producers with a significant improvement in process efficiency and cost reductions of up to 50%.

Assemblies based on these thermoset rubbers are heavy, because their relatively low mechanical performance dictates the need for thick walls.  The production process is a multi-step one: molding of the various elements, followed by assembly; this adds costs and takes extra time, and it also introduces extra opportunities for defects to be introduced, both during production and in use.  

With Arnitel HT you reduce the risk of leakage, you save weight and you are more cost-effective. So contact us today to learn more.