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DSM in Automotive

Extreme light weighting with UD tapes 

ud tape

DSM has a strong record with regards to lightweight and metal to plastic replacement. With our knowledge and expertise in CAE, material selection and simulation of in-use performance, we are fully committed to make large-scale, lightweight UD tape based components possible. However, DSM cannot make the difference on it’s own, partnership is a crucial element to make this technology successful.

Success is engineered

Together with our partners we will integrate parts design, materials selection and manufacturing processes through iterative feedback loops between these different stages in the total development process.

Our offering:

  • Broad expertise on CAE, material selection and simulation of in-use performance.
  • Portfolio of UD tapes based on DSM’s engineering plastics 

Our proof points

Together with Maxion Wheels, world’s largest wheel producer, we have developed a very innovative hybrid wheel concept. This wheel is a combination of steel and an advanced thermoplastic composite, resulting in improved vehicle efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions without cost penalties. 

  • 750 gram per wheel weight reduction
  • 30% increased life extension due to enhanced fatigue properties
  • Based on EcoPaXX® PA410-GF UD-tape
  • Fulfilling all requirements such as impact, cornering and rim-rolling fatigue

Enlight doorpanel

DSM is partner in ENLIGHT, an EU collaborative research project aiming to advance highly innovative lightweight material technologies for application in structural vehicle parts. Together with the partners in ENLIGHT a door panel in advanced thermoplastics composite fiber has been developed.

  • 60% weight reduction compacted to conventional door panel
  • Full composite doorpanel in EcoPaXX® PA410-CF UD-tape
  • Meeting all stringent safety requirements