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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Switching on to ultraterminal innovation

In Ultraterminals - whether for (fused) sockets or switches - we’re helping our customers make better devices thanks to a unique and innovative portfolio of materials tailored for local markets and supported by our team of experts on the ground.
Close-up of man holding an ultraterminal block; red socket stands aside on the table

In the world of residential and commercial switches and sockets, customers have their own unique contemporary designs, always linked to local tastes and appropriate styles.

Designers’ key concerns often focus on the level of gloss and colors, their stability and tolerances, as well as overall design complexity. Which is where next-generation plastics come into play, offering designers new options: For example, the tough, versatile polyamide 6 is now being used for font covers of sockets and switches.

Our Akulon® family of polyamide 6 products has been used for many years in these applications. This is coupled with our backwards integrated facilities on all major continents, each one based on our globally recognized capabilities and quality – as well as security of supply and product consistency.

For advanced internal functional parts we offer materials that enable our customers to benefit from a ‘one-stop’ shop. For example, our colour match abilities are second to none; while on the other hand should you want to self-color natural-type materials, our local technical teams are on the ground to offer trusted advice.