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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

A bright alternative for LED packaging

LEDs are the future. Looking ahead, what can you do to maximize this huge lighting opportunity and deliver energy efficient products that meet or exceed all safety requirements – as well as the expectations of consumers? The answer could be ForTii® - a unique plastic that thrives in extreme operational conditions as well as offering major processing benefits.
Man holding a LEDsmod in the air

LED manufacturers are looking for materials that deliver high reliability, enabling smooth high volume production and excellent light output. DSM has responded to this need with ForTii LED LX, an LED-specific grade of ForTii high temperature polyamide with halogen-free flame retardant grades for demanding applications.

High-flow ForTii LED LX is a mineral-filled grade. Its excellent UV resistance sets a new standard for LED packages. Fortii LED LX delivers require good reliability performance over time and, more specifically, high initial reflectivity, excellent mechanical strength. Its high flow properties make it suitable for use in high cavity tools. This enhanced reflectivity of ForTii has an immediate effect of the LED package light output and enables LED suppliers to improve their key specifications.

ForTii LED LX outperforms PPAs and competitive PA9T grades thanks to its specific polymer structure. High reliability and LED lifetime are further enabled through its excellent adhesion to silicones and epoxy encapsulates as well as the metallic lead frame, avoiding chip degradation due to moisture or air diffusion through interfacial delamination phenomena.

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