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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Make magic with plastic: Smaller, stronger smartphone frames

The ideal smartphone or tablet frame is robust, reliable and durable – with an attractive look and feel. The real challenge for the industry is finding a way to achieve all this while reducing frame thickness and weight…

Frame for tablet

To make this particular type of magic happen, you need a material with excellent mechanical stability and structural rigidity – like our ForTii®.

This thermoplastic delivers genuine design freedom (for example in its ability to integrate LDS functionality) – along with high stiffness/structural rigidity and excellent weld line strength, good thermal management, low warpage and reduced moisture absorption.

More than just materials

But innovative materials are only part of the picture. We also know how to apply them, working hand-in-hand with the global electronics industry on application design and development to reduce design cycles and create high performance frames with the thinnest possible walls thickness.

This is led by a strong ADE and CAE team based in Asia with excellent knowledge in electronic products (and how they are manufactured) inside out.

So is now the right time for you to Make Magic with plastics?