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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Arnitel: Making a material difference

Arnitel® is our family of Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers (known as TPE, COPE and TPC) that give you improved processing and productivity in E&E applications. This material is flame retardant, can perform reliably in extreme temperatures and is tactile to the touch – across applications ranging from wiring to switchgears. And most important, it’s halogen free.
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Our Arnitel grades span a broad variety of applications where flexibility, durability, extreme temperature performance and/or mechanical strength are needed.

Compared to other elastomers, polyester-based materials like Arnitel offer the most consistent performance because their properties remain stable at both low and high temperature extremes.

The material is extremely resistant to chemicals and creep. It offers flexible processing; and can be injection molded, blow molded and extruded with a range of different grades. And it’s an environmentally friendly solution: Arnitel is free of halogen and red phosphorous and it can be recycled using traditional recycling methods as well as innovative new ones.

Arnitel XG

In E&E, our Arnitel XG is ideal for cables and wires and especially DC power cords and various power distribution applications.
Like other Arnitel grades it’s not only halogen free but also free of restricted materials and plasticizers (unlike PVC) – plus it doesn’t release carcinogenic compounds into the environment during manufacturing, use and disposal.

From a performance perspective Arnitel XG is a great choice for wires and cables because of its excellent chemical and mechanical properties which help produce smooth flexible cables that feel and look good – yet are also tough and durable.

The material meets all industry standards and is compliant with UL 62, UL 758, and UL 1581.

Arnitel Eco

Taking sustainability to the next level is our Arnitel Eco solution, a high-performance TPC derived from rapeseed oil that combines the best properties of polyolefins and polyamides. The result is a material perfect for the E&E industry thanks to its soft, tactile touch – ideal for use in laptop computers, for example.

Arnitel Eco has undergone extensive, lifecycle assessments measured against classic co-polyesters, cradle-to-gate. The result? Arnitel Eco has a carbon footprint up to 50% lower than comparable materials.

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