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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

UL-certified Safety & Quality testing

Safety certification is an elemental aspect of the electronics industry, which is why DSM Engineering Plastics (DEP) continuously invests in monitoring and certification of its own testing laboratories. This makes it possible to provide customers with materials that are already certified to the highest standards – something that can significantly reduce testing requirements for the customer’s own end products.

Increasing regulation

It is not surprising that regulations and requirements for electronic products are becoming stricter and more widespread. Safety is a key concern whenever plastics and electricity meet and, in today’s digitalized world, this combination occurs with increasing frequency. Manufacturers as well as consumers want more assurance than ever that electronic products meet crucial criteria in terms of strength, flammability and more.

Internal expertise

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of engineering plastics, DSM is well aware of the time and effort required to test and certify such criteria – particularly in products that contain a combination of materials and components. We’ve therefore developed the necessary competence and accredited internal facilities to ensure that our engineering plastics will always meet the standards that customers want and need in terms of performance and quality assurance.

World-leading partner

Established in 1894, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) was at the forefront of safety analysis of the new technologies of the last century, most notably the public adoption of electricity and the drafting of safety standards for electrical devices and components. UL is now a world leader in safety-related testing and certification of technology, and provider of professional training in this field.

Certified to meet your needs

For decades, UL has acted as advisor, trainer, certifier and auditor to DSM’s own UL- certified test lab in Geleen. This makes it possible for us to issue the products we develop for our customers with the ‘Yellow Cards’ that confirm they are recognized or listed by UL, and safe for E&E applications. Currently, DSM is UL-certified for the following tests:

  • UL94 V and 5V Vertical Burning * Impact Strength
  • UL94 HB Horizontal Burning * Dielectric Strength
  • Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) * Ball pressure
  • Glow Wire Ignition Temperature (GWIT) * Relative Temperature Index (RTI)
  • Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) * Infrared
  • Tensile Strength

Complying with the standards of tomorrow

The scientists and other professionals involved in DSM’s UL-certified Safety & Quality testing also work closely with other certification authorities and external laboratories, such as VDE and Currenta. DSM is also an active contributing member to international standardization and ISO committees which are setting the standards of tomorrow. Our goal is to stay closely involved in developing norms that create a safer world, in order to continue delivering effective products that make it as easy for our customers to comply with them.