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Bright science infographic

Our competences form the backbone of innovation at DSM, covering specific aspects of scientific insight and expertise. They range from knowledge and best practices accumulated over time, to the advanced technological equipment and facilities we use today. Most importantly, they include the skills, expertise, curiosity, tenacity - and networks - of the many talented scientific minds that work with and for us.






对于电子电气设备来说,安全性是重中之重,因此行业设定了材料标准。据 consumerreports.org调查,2002年至2009年间,美国境内有35297起火灾与设备的电气、机械、生产或设计相关。More>


UL-certified Safety & Quality testing

Safety certification is an elemental aspect of the electronics industry, which is why DSM Engineering Plastics (DEP) continuously invests in monitoring and certification of its own testing laboratories. This makes it possible to provide customers with materials that are already certified to the highest standards – something that can significantly reduce testing requirements for the customer’s own end products. More>


Life cycle assessment

Sustainability is one of the core values behind DSM’s promise of Bright Science, Brighter Living™. DSM therefore puts high priority on integrating “Green Design” in the broadest sense of the word into its Electrical & Electronics (E&E) business. A key competence that ensures we do so efficiently and effectively is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). More>