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Akulon® IG, a PA6/46 blend, offers the best of both worlds

6 June 2019
  • Bill Senge Market Development Manager

What do you get when you combine the strengths of DSM’s Stanyl and Akulon? You get the best of both worlds in Akulon IG.

First, take Stanyl—a PA46 material that offers a high melting point, resistance to short-term peak temperatures and good flow. It combines high stiffness retention up to 290°C with excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Plus, Stanyl is ideal for secondary operations in high temperature environments.

Then take DSM’s Akulon—a PA6 material that is a versatile thermoplastic, performing over a wide temperature range with good flow and high long-term resistance. Akulon has a continuous-use temperature of up to 185°C.

Blend these two materials together, and you get Akulon IG—a portfolio of material grades, suited to all processing techniques, including injection molding that covers many applications. Akulon IG delivers properties that help customers produce greener and lighter products by offering superior impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance, high heat resistance and excellent flame retardancy.

Akulon IG has been engineered to be interchangeable with standard PA66 and has a property profile very similar to PA66, including E-mod, yield stress and elongation at break, for example. The blend of PA6/PA46 does not rely on the ADN and HMDA building blocks, so the raw material feedstream is not at all capacity constrained.

Equivalent properties & temperature exposure 

Akulon IG is a go-to material for applications that call for a high melting point and a high resistance to short-term peak temperatures. It fits well in under-the-hood automotive applications, especially where air and oil flow are present, as in cylinder head covers.

DSM has already commercialized Akulon IG-HG5, which is 25% glass fiber reinforced, and offers Akulon IG-HG7 and IG-HG10, which contains 35% and 50% glass fiber respectively. 


Also, in this portfolio, an unfilled compound is included—Akulon IG-UH. Depending on the competing material and the size of the part, the blends can be used for a variety of PA66 material replacement opportunities using 0-50% glass filler.

This material is heat-stabilized and designed to be used as a drop-in replacement across many applications. When implementing Akulon IG, part design or tooling changes should not be necessary for applications already in production.

To learn more about the characteristics of Akulon IG or to request test samples, contact us or visit plasticsfinder.com for additional information, including technical data sheets.

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