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At the K Fair DSM material solutions address the latest automotive trends

30 September 2019
  • Candace Roulo Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

DSM is showcasing our newest and latest purpose-led innovations in the automotive industry at K 2019—the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry—in Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 16-23, 2019. Exhibiting under the theme of “Bright Science. Brighter Living” in Hall 6, Booth B11, we will show how we are using our science-based competences to develop material solutions to address the trends in the quickly evolving automotive industry while fulfilling the needs of its customers.

Lightweight vehicles 

The era of internal combustion engines as a single power source is coming to an end, indicating a transformation that makes vehicles cleaner, and to get there, engineering plastics capable of meeting extreme challenges are needed. Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are still being manufactured, but the days of mass producing these vehicles are limited. Yet automotive companies still need to focus on how to best lightweight ICE vehicles while focusing on research and technology for hybrids, EVs and autonomous vehicles.

Our portfolio of tough yet lightweight plastics are enabling manufacturers to produce automotive components that are extremely light, reduce engine friction, and can operate in environments at high temperatures. Thus, more metal parts are being converted to plastics, which leads to reduced emissions, as well as system costs. Besides the reduction in emissions and costs, there are other drivers for lightweighting vehicles, such as design flexibility; resistance to corrosion, chemicals and the environment; improved friction and wear; noise reduction; and electrical and thermal insulation.

At our booth, a demo structural part made of ForTii Ace MX53T will be showcased. The ForTii Ace MX53T grade is a PPA material based on our patented PA4T technology. It has a high glass transition temperature of 150°C and excellent chemical resistance, making it an ideal material for use in structural automotive parts and thermal management in under-the-hood applications.

Also showcased are DSM’s unidirectional tape (UD tape) solutions. UD tapes offer extreme lightweight alternatives to metals in automotive applications like door panels, wheel rims and central floors. Our strategy extends beyond just manufacturing the composite tapes—we develop and specify processes such as Automatic Tape Placement (ATP), tape winding and tape-insert over-molding. and the necessary computer aided engineering (CAE) for part design and manufacturing process specifications.

Electrification & the automotive evolution

As digitization drives convergence between the automotive and electronics industries, the car of the future is becoming more and more like a smartphone on four wheels. The technology used in EVs, hybrids and autonomous vehicles offers consumers connectivity along with mobility.

To make EVs more appealing to consumers, battery-charging times must decrease, and this can be achieved by using high-voltage systems. However, these systems introduce new challenges for the materials used in the high voltage path, carrying the electrical power from the charging plug all the way to the battery and e-motors.

We will showcase a high voltage connector in Akulon SG-KG6/HV; it has a superior electrical performance enabling high safety and reliability, and a high mechanical strength. At this time, available plastic materials are limited to a maximum of 600 volts. But this did not stop us from developing dedicated ForTii and Akulon compounds with extreme CTI values meeting the upcoming needs for higher safety and reliability. As of today, DSM ForTii and Akulon are the only materials passing CTI >> 600V

Visit us in Hall 6, Booth B11, to learn more about these material solutions and applications. Also, sign up for one of our tech seminars to learn about the latest trends in the automotive industry. To reserve your seat to attend these tech seminars Click here.

If you haven’t registered to attend the K Fair yet, visit https://www.k-online.com/ to buy your ticket today!


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