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DSM offers tech seminars on high voltage EV systems, EMI shielding, and more during K 2019

18 September 2019
  • Candace Roulo Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

DSM will offer four tech seminars on the latest automotive, electronics, and smart home appliance trends, plus, showcase its purpose-led innovations at K Fair 2019—the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry—in Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 16-23.  

Exhibiting under the theme of “Bright Science. Brighter Living”—in Hall 6, Booth B11—DSM will showcase how it is using its science-based competences to develop innovations to both address the needs of its customers and tackle the world’s major challenges.

By attending the tech seminars, attendees will learn about the latest insights and best practices, regarding EV thermal management, EMI shielding, high-voltage EV systems, and unattended appliances in the home. 

K Fair attendees are urged to register now to ensure they have seating for one or more of the following DSM tech seminars, which will all be located at the DSM booth:

Sneak preview of tech seminars

To give you a sneak preview of what the tech seminars will cover, during the “On the road with high voltage” seminar, Yu Bin, system expert for DSM Engineering Materials, and Dr. Hans Hoekstra, R&T manager for DSM Engineering Materials, will discuss the disruptive transformation of the automotive industry and what are the driving forces of the disruption—one of the driving forces being consumer demand.

To make electric vehicles appealing to consumers, battery-charging times need to decrease. This can be achieved by using high-voltage systems, but that introduces new challenges for the materials used in the high voltage path carrying the electrical power from the charging plug all the way to the battery and e-motors. During the seminar you will learn how to meet strict design parameters for dielectric strength, creeping, tracking resistance, and the ability to color code various electrical systems.

During the tech seminar “Safer connected homes around the world” you will learn about unattended smart home appliances and the need for increased safety and reliability to avoid the risk of electrical failures and possible fires.

Dr. Tamim Sidiki, global marketing director for DSM Engineering Materials, and Dr. Loek Ribberink, global product manager for

DSM Engineering Materials, will discuss insulation plastics in electrical interconnects with higher performance in electrical resistance, flame retardance, and heat or chemical resistance.

During the “Material selection for EV thermal management systems” tech seminar presented by Dr. Meisen Li, advanced engineering manager for DSM Engineering Materials, you will learn about the complex design and precise control of thermal management systems (TMS) that the electrical vehicle market demands. Battery charging increases the operation time of TMS compared with the traditional ICE vehicle. Find out how you can overcome the unique challenges, such as increasing requirements for chemical and hydrolysis resistance as well as vehicle weight reduction.

Also, Dr.  Sidiki and Dr. Michael C. Villet, materials scientist for DSM Engineering Materials, will discuss EMI shielding and thermal management and how both are becoming increasingly important in automotive electronics during the “EMI Shielding with Plastic: future of metal replacement in electrical cars” tech seminar. They will also talk about how replacing die-cast aluminum housings by engineering plastics that combine thermal conductivity with electro-magnet interference can lead to weight reductions of 50%.

Don’t miss out on learning about these latest trends in the automotive, electronics, and smart home appliance industries from DSM industry experts. To reserve your seat to attend these tech seminars Click here.

If you haven’t registered to attend the K Fair yet, visit https://www.k-online.com to buy your ticket today! 

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