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New podcast shares design challenges and advanced material solutions

10 July 2020
  • Candace Roulo Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

Engineers and designers can now stay up to date with the latest material science insights and innovations by listening to the new DSM Advanced Materials Solutions podcast.

Each podcast features a DSM subject matter expert and explores design challenges solved by the latest advances in polymer science. The podcast also explores the trends driving innovation in the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and medical devices markets.


Join us for the first two podcasts as we discuss challenges for medical protective equipment and kitchen cooking utensils.

Materials solution helps control the spread of infections

Healthcare professionals are exposed to infectious diseases while working in medical settings. Physicians, nurses, technicians and clinical laboratory workers all want to be protected from diseases. Andre Oosterlaken, Market Development Manager at DSM Engineering Materials, discusses how Arnitel VT offers the highest protection level, along with comfort, in disposable medical gowns and drapes. He also talks about the future of medical gowns, new material solutions and innovations for the medical textile market.

Food contact safety standards in the kitchen

The food contact industry is global. Products such as spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc., are developed in a specific region and then manufactured elsewhere, but across the board safe for use is the priority. Pim Jenssen, Market Development Manager at DSM Engineering Materials, discusses how the globalization of the market has effected the design and manufacture of kitchen utensils, how the regulations differ by region, and the bio-based materials solutions available for food contact applications.

To listen to the latest podcasts click here. Or, you can also access the podcasts via Apple Podcasts.  



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