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Transforming visions into reality

Mobile devices are driving innovation around the world. Each generation is an average of 12% thinner than what came before, and designers need to get more computing power out of less space. The latest smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks put greater demands on the materials used to manufacture them.

Designers and engineers at the world’s leading mobile brands rely on our expertise and materials to develop next-generation devices. They challenge us to transform their design vision into reality with innovative, advanced plastics for frames and enclosures, connectors, cables, wearable straps, and automotive electronics devices

Our broad portfolio of materials enables the design and manufacture of components as thin as 0.1mm that maintain the rigidity needed to ensure a durable end product. We work with component manufacturers to understand the material properties needed for each component, and help designers reach new possibilities for their next device – always with a focus on how to make it thinner, stronger, safer, and without harmful substances.

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Your partner for Integrated Electronics

Integrated electronics, a revolutionary technology to put electronics in plastics. They enable cars to be lighter and safer, electronics to be more functional and comfortable. They make our lives more comfortable.

DSM is your partner for integrated electronics, today and tomorrow. With proven solutions, a portfolio of LDS materials, expertise and processing knowledge, we are ready for your challenge.

Customer cases

DSM’s Arnitel® TPE provides new camera maker YI with better grip

Fledgling Chinese camera maker YI Technology has chosen Arnitel high performance thermoplastic elastomer for the hand grip on its new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the M1.

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DSM develops breakthrough in automotive electronics systems with ForTii® Ace JTX8

DSM is extending its ForTii Ace family of high performance materials based on high temperature polyamide. Its latest innovation is a product developed specifically for electronic connectors in automotive applications that will not blister during high-temperature soldering processes - whatever the design of the connector.

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A scientific approach to building solutions

Our dedicated teams work closely with our customers to look at the entire process of developing new parts and components – whether it is a case of metal replacement, or developing solutions that are stronger, safer and more effective. Our methodical approach extends to every step of the process, from design and material performance to production and compliance.

Explore our expertise
  • Flame retardancy

    The engineering plastics used in various electronics parts have to comply with strict flame retardancy requirements and more environmentally friendly solutions

  • Safety in electrical & electronics

    Safety is a key concern whenever plastics and electronics meet, and in today’s digitized world, that happens with increasing frequency.

  • Downsizing & Miniaturization

    As our economy places more focus on efficiency, industry is responding by creating products that are thinner, lighter, and smaller – with the same or more functionality.

  • Haptics & Aesthetics

    In some consumer electronics applications, key characteristics of the plastic material are haptics and aesthetics – how they look and feel.

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With our broad, high-quality materials portfolio and in-depth technology know-how, we work in close collaboration with customers to develop new applications in response to the search for lighter, stronger and more durable materials.

Here's a selection of some of our most recognized brands and products, keeping you ahead of the curve and enabling you to lead the market through the use of cutting-edge technology.

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