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Sowing the seeds of success

The demands on agricultural and construction equipment are increasing fast - from ever tighter emissions standards, to improved long term durability and serviceability, to globalization. Balancing the demands of the application with cost and styling considerations has led to an increased use of engineering thermoplastics – which is where our strong, tough, durable and lightweight materials give designers the ability to give their customers the products that meet their expectations.

As ever, it starts with the needs of the end user. For many of them, major farming and construction equipment represents a huge investment – and one that increasingly needs to be maximized. For manufacturers, the quest continues to find materials that can contribute to the increasing sophistication and functionality of modern farming and construction equipment while being able to withstand the harsh demands of the application and keeping systems cost as low as possible.

Featured customer applications

Non-pneumatic wheel

Automotive | |

Enables airless design, eliminating down time and labor for flat tire service;Extended service life: 2-3x longer than traditional pneumatic tires;High load performance and flex fatigue endurance

Agricultural Films

Industrial equipment | Agriculture |

Akulon® PA6 F136-C allows for reliable solutions due to its optimized mechanical strength and due to its low permeation to methyl bromide compared to conventional materials; Akulon® PA6 F136-C allows for cost effective solutions due to an improved bubble stability, an optimized processing efficiency

Conveyor Belts

Industrial equipment | Agriculture |

Arnitel® TPC allows for reliable solutions due to its retention of flexibility even at temperatures down to -40°C or at elevated temperatures up to 100 ˚C, due to its excellent resistance to oxidizing agents and no emission of nitrogen as TPU and due to its wide direct food contact approvals (FDA/EC compliancy)

Tractor Engine Transmission Components

Industrial equipment | Agriculture |

Stanyl® PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to its better mechanical properties and better fatigue resistance at elevated temperatures than PA66 and PPA; Stanyl® PA46 allows for cost effective solutions due to short injection molding cycle times and its high flowability enabling thin walled designs

A scientific approach to building solutions

Our dedicated teams work closely with customers to look at the entire process of developing new parts and components – whether it is a case of metal replacement, or developing solutions that are stronger, safer and more effective.

Our methodical approach extends to every step of the process, from design and material performance to production and compliance.

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  • Design

    Discover the new high-performing plastic solutions for the extreme demands of next-generation example.

  • Performance

    To ensure safety and part integrity, our high-performance plastics need to meet all of the relevant requirements for each application.

  • Production

    Improving on a part includes improving how it is produced. Whether we are helping you improve the production process itself, or reducing and eliminating secondary operations, we support you through the entire process.

  • Compliance

    Getting a part ready for commercialization includes ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations.

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