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PET & PBT - Arnite®

High performance polyester compounds (PET, PBT and blends), combining excellent flow with good mechanical strength.

  • Applicable in high precision components for the automotive and electrical industry.
  • Flame retardant portfolio available.
  • Production locations in Europe, US, India and China

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Arnite (PBT, PET, and blends) are high-performance engineering plastics that combine high strength and rigidity with excellent processing characteristics. As a result, Arnite A (PET) and Arnite T (PBT) are well suited for a broad range of automotive, electrical and electronic, and consumer goods applications. A wide portfolio of Arnite is available, including unreinforced, reinforced and flame retardant grades.

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Arnite® portfolio highlights

Arnite®–A for housing applications

Arnite polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is an excellent choice for a wide range of housing applications, including actuators and power steering enclosures.

Arnite®–A for brake booster valves

Arnite polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has been trusted for more than 20 years in brake booster valve applications. 

Arnite®–T for electrical applications

Arnite T is the material of choice for plug in connectors, bobbins and circuit breakers.

Arnite®–T for automotive E&E

Arnite polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) maintains excellent dimensional stability combined with low outgassing that is key for automotive lighting applications.



Arnite has excellent short- and long-term heat resistance and continuous use of 150 to 160°C.

Hydrolysis resistant

Both PET and PBT need to be dried prior to injection molding, but PET requires an even lower moisture content than PBT. Because of low water absorption, Arnite has exceptional dimensional stability and  high strength and stiffness at ambient conditions.

Featured applications

Actuator Covers

Automotive | Engine | Air Intake

Arnite® T PBT allow for light weight solutions in comparison with metal; Arnite® T PBT allow for reliable solutions due to its good dimensional stability and its good ESD performance (special Arnite® T grades)

Automotive Connectors

Automotive | Auto Electronics & Electricals | E-Components

Stanyl® PA46, ForTii® PA4T, EcoPaXX® PA410, Akulon® PA66, Akulon® PA6, Arnite® PBT allow for reliable solutions due to high temperature resistance, high mechanical property levels and good electrical insulation properties; Stanyl® PA46 allows for cost effective solutions due to a better flowability and processability than PPS and PPA enabling therefore thin wall designs; ForTii® PA4T allows for reliable solutions exposed to very high peak temperatures due to its melting point of 325 C


Automotive | Auto Electronics & Electricals | E-Components

Akulon® PA6, Arnite® PBT and Stanyl® PA46 allow for reliable solutions due to their high temperature resistance (much higher than PP) and due to their good electrical insulation properties; Akulon® PA6, Arnite® PBT and Stanyl® PA46 allow for cost effective solutions due to their ease of processability

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Arnite® A for dimension-critical auto parts reduces weight and cost

With close to 30,000 parts in a single vehicle, every element that can be converted from metal to plastic contributes to the reduction of weight. We launched Arnite A-X07455, the first high performance PET (polyethylene terephthalate) engineering plastic that is highly resistant to hydrolysis. This breakthrough development opens up opportunities for significant weight and cost benefits over metal in automobile engine compartment applications.