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High performance plastics for gears

We’ve been solving our customers’ gear and wear & friction problems for decades. Whether you’re looking to reduce weight, cut noise or improve safety, our portfolio of materials exhibit superior stiffness, fatigue and wear resistance and are proven to deliver results when it really counts.

Gearing up for success

Material solutions for gear applications

Gears can be found everywhere: from cars to kitchen appliances and clocks. Traditionally, gears in demanding applications are made from metal, but there is an increasing demand for plastic gears. At DSM, we actively seek to partner with customers across the value chain to improve their gears and actuators. Our portfolio includes a wide offer of grades that maintain their strength, durability and wear rates at extreme operating temperatures, while extending part lifetime. 

Learn why plastic is the material of choice for gears

How to engineer a greater gear

In DSM's state-of-the-art materials science centers, we place strong emphasis on understanding both the theoretical and practical relationship between an application and a material’s wear and friction properties. In this video, learn about the various gear test methods we use to better simulate actual conditions.

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An introduction to choosing the right materials for gears and actuators

In this video, Martin Wolffs, product manager at DSM, explains the benefits of using high-performance polyamides in gear applications, and why the tooth temperature of a gear is a key property for choosing the right gear material.

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Browse high performance plastic gear applications

EPS Steering components: Gears, Flex couplers and Sensors

Automotive | Steering | EPS

Stanyl® PA46 allows for light weight solutions (17% less weight than a metal alternative) and for sustainable solutions (NVH significant lower compared to metal); Stanyl PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to its low friction and high abrasion resistance performance

EPS gears

Automotive | Steering | EPS

Stanyl® PA46 allows for lightweight and cost effective solutions as compared to machined cast metal and also offers advantages in NVH ; Stanyl® PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to its superiority in fatigue performance as compared to PA66; Stanyl® PA46 allows for cost effective solutions due to its faster cycle times in comparison with PA66 and PPA


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Grade Selector for Gears

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