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Leading the way in consumer goods

Today’s consumers are more demanding of the products they buy – for indoor and outdoor use. They want goods that perform well, look good, last longer, and use as little energy as possible – both in their product and their day-to-day use.

Our portfolio of engineering plastics are developed with the knowledge that technology and innovation go hand-in-hand. They’re used across a broad range of consumer goods, including white goods, food packaging, and sporting equipment.

The introduction of Akulon® SafeConnect has contributed to safer home appliances across the globe. Featured in home appliance connectors, the material meets the strictest flammability guidelines around the world.

For the next generation of breathable, non-microporous sporting attire, more and more brands are choosing our Arnitel® thermoplastic. This durable material allows sweat and moisture to escape, while preventing outside moisture and germs from getting in.

Featured customer applications

Kitchen appliance gears, dishwasher proof

Consumer goods | Appliances

Stanyl® PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to its good resistance to permanent deformation when temperatures due to friction exceed 100°C, its good retention of gear accuracy at elevated temperatures and during highly loaded conditions and its resistance to variable loading via multi-function operations

Small domestic appliance gears

Consumer goods | Appliances

Stanyl®PA46 allows for reliable solutions, since it enables due to its excellent thermo-mechanical characteristics high motor speeds (proven 24,000 rpm, proven high loads over 20 hours of ice chopping in durability tests for mixers and blenders) and extended warranties of three years and beyond

Abrasive brush monofilament

Consumer goods | Appliances

EcoPaXX® PA410 allows for reliable solutions due to higher temperature resistance and higher abrasion resistance leading to longer life times as compared to PA610; EcoPaXX® PA410 leads to sustainable solutions since it is partly bio-based

Hair Curler Brushes

Consumer goods | Appliances

Stanyl® PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to much higher HDT levels than PA66; Stanyl® PA46 allows for cost effective solutions due to its good processability (much easier to process than PPS) and due to its high flowability (enabling very thin wall designs therefore)

Ironing Components

Consumer goods | Appliances

Stanyl® PA46 allows for light weight solutions versus metal; Stanyl® PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to its better mechanical properties at elevated temperatures in comparison with PA66 and PPA and due to its much better abrasion resistance and lower friction at elevated temperatures in comparison with PA66 and PPA

Washing Machine Timer Knobs

Consumer goods | Appliances

Arnitel® TPC allows for solutions with soft touch and feel; Arnitel® TPC allows for reliable solutions due to excellent colourability, excellent bonding with SAN compared to PP based elastomers and high resistance to detergent solutions

White Good Connectors

Consumer goods | Appliances

Arnite® PBT allows for reliable solutions due to good electrical and mechanical properties (especially toughness and ductility) at low & high temperatures, excellent CTI values, UL94 V2 at 0.75 mm certification; Arnite® PBT allows for reliable connector solutions with film hinges and snap-fit features

A scientific approach to building solutions

Our dedicated teams work closely with customers to look at the entire process of developing new parts and components – whether it is a case of metal replacement, or developing solutions that are stronger, safer and more effective.

Our methodical approach extends to every step of the process, from design and material performance to production and compliance.

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  • Design

    Discover the new high-performing plastic solutions for the extreme demands of next-generation example.

  • Performance

    To ensure safety and part integrity, our high-performance plastics need to meet all of the relevant requirements for each application.

  • Production

    Improving on a part includes improving how it is produced. Whether we are helping you improve the production process itself, or reducing and eliminating secondary operations, we support you through the entire process.

  • Compliance

    Getting a part ready for commercialization includes ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations.

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