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Brake booster body valves

Our Arnite A has been used to manufacture the brake booster - a key component of the braking system - in some 300 million vehicles without a single recorded failure in 20 years.

Brake booster body valves

300 million cars and counting…

The braking system is undoubtedly the most important part of any car. It needs to work every time, faultlessly for the lifetime of the vehicle. Our Arnite® A has been used to manufacturer the brake booster valve body - a key component of the system – in some 300 million vehicles.

For automotive manufacturers safety is the number one consideration. How can you protect drivers and passengers while also improving production efficiency and sustainability? The answer is Arnite® for brake booster valve bodies. It’s become the industry standard over 20 years without a single reported fault and is shown to perform reliably over more than one million brake cycles.

Arnite AV2 370 /B is a 35% glass fiber reinforced polyethylene terephtalate that combines extremely high strength, very good dimensional stability, and very good process stability. The result is a very consistent product performance, with excellent quality control and very tight product specifications – and it’s recycable.

Looking ahead, new high flow grades of Arnite® such as AV2 370 HF will enable our customers to produce valve bodies with thinner walls that improve productivity yet further.

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