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Our Arnitel T tackles a challenge for the drug delivery market for applications like insulin pens and inhalers


A breath of fresh air

The demands on plastics used in medical products are growing steadily as standard and regulations focus increasingly on the quantity of the chemicals leaching from the plastics, especially where the plastics gets in contact with the drug. Our Arnite® T (T06 202 /A) tackles this challenge for the drug delivery market for applications like insulin pens and inhalers.

ArniteT06 202/A is produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and is confirmed as being safe for use as articles (or components of articles) intended to contact food in full compliance with the FDA, 21 CFR 177.1660; along with the relevant parts of the EU regulations for food contact materials and articles.

This unfilled polymer offers outstanding properties including excellent chemical resistance, exceptional dimensional stability, and good wear resistance. Our T06 202/A grade is unique from other PBTs in the market thanks to its high purity, constant quality, and low extractable/leachable properties. It’s also suited for gamma sterilization, all of which makes it an excellent choice for drug delivery devices such as inhalers, insulin pens and others where high purity is critical.

Arnite T06 202/A doesn’t contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), formaldehyde, the heavy metals Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr(VI), or the hazardous phthalates. The material is used mainly in injection molding, where high-flow grades can help reduce cycle time and increase efficiency in processing, and we offer various grades for more conventional techniques.

And we’re not just a materials manufacturer. With application and industry knowledge our team is committed to being your partner from early stage development through to commercialization and beyond…

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