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We offer you a broad portfolio (including our part bio-based Arnitel Eco grade), each designed to meet specific requirements. That includes grades suitable for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.


The Arnitel portfolio

We offer Arnitel® across a full portfolio of grades, each designed to meet specific customer needs. That includes grades suitable for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion – as well as Arnitel Eco, our part bio-based thermoplastic.

Our portfolio is divided into four standard groups: Arnitel E, Arnitel P, Arnitel C, Arnitel VT, Arnitel XG and Arnitel Eco…

Arnitel E

Arnitel E covers our multi-purpose standard portfolio. It offers a good balance of properties. In the field of chemical resistance and long term mechanical performance like fatigue it is the leading material. With a large spectrum of harnesses’ and viscosities and its food contact approval it is fit for use in various applications ranging from CVJ boots, railway buffers, tubes and hoses to wire and cables and even wine taps.

Arnitel P

The Arnitel P portfolio is mainly used in application that require excellent low temperature performance. The good cold impact properties of Arnitel P grades even allows an airbag deployment (with Arnitel P cover) at -35°C without any ‘splinter’ formation.

But also the very constant modulus as function of temperature in a wide temperature range (Tg of up to -65°C and Tm of up to 220°) makes it suitable for many applications.

Arnitel C

Arnitel C delivers the best high heat performance for class D cables, offering you the opportunity to reduce weight and mass of wiring through an ultra-thin coating.

Our material offers high-heat aging performance with a continuous operating temperature rating of 175ºC for 3,000 hours and meets the most stringent performance and compliance needs. That includes hydrolysis resistance up to 150 days at 85ºC; excellent Abrasion resistance. Arnitel C also offers you a broad portfolio, including both natural, flame retardant and flame retardant halogen-free grades.

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Arnitel VT    

Arnitel VT is a breakthrough membrane technology for breathable roofing film. Its monolithic structure creates a superior barrier to water droplets making it ideal for roofing membranes.

This unique material offers significant advantages over competitive materials, especially micro porous alternatives. It remains waterproof after contact with chemicals like wood preservatives, oils and greases and also has outstanding resistance to Ultra Violet and Heat aging (as required in NEN-EN 13859).

Arnite also offers high elasticity and tear strength, even at sub-zero temperatures – which means a better resistance to stress cracking and nail tearing.

Arnitel XG

This halogen-free solution for wire and cable meets the growing needs in the consumer electronics industry for environmentally safer products. It’s free of
restricted materials and plasticizers (unlike PVC) and it doesn’t release carcinogenic compounds into the environment during manufacturing, use or disposal.

Arnitel XG is a reliable solution that meets industry standards and is compliant with UL 62, UL 758, and UL 1581, where its good chemical resistance combined with high mechanical properties allow for the production of smooth, flexible cables (with no upgrade or investment).

Cables made with Arnitel XG feel smooth and flexible with good color stability and excellent UV stability.

Arnitel ECO

Increasingly our customers demand materials and processes that benefit not only people and profit but also the planet.

Arnitel Eco is one such material. It’s manufactured using renewable feedstock, in fact 50% of its content comes from renewable resources, and in particular, rapeseed oil instead of mineral oil.

The result is a material with a lower carbon footprint, a lower fossil fuel content…but with high performance, especially thanks to improved UV and heat resistance. Now it really is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Arnitel HT

Arnitel HT will allow system suppliers to produce the ducts in a single material and using a single process step. The current standard practice is to assemble separate elements in hard thermoplastics or metal and soft thermosetting rubbers, which need to be produced in diverse operations. Switching to Arnitel HT will provide producers with a significant improvement in process efficiency and cost reductions of up to 50%.

With its ability to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 180°C and peaks of up to 190°C, it has high temperature resistance unequalled among thermoplastic elastomers. Arnitel HT also has good resistance to the sorts of oils and chemicals found in automobile engine environments.

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