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Customer cases

EcoPaXX: The green performer

EcoPaXX® is a high-performance, bio-based polyamide that outperforms both green and traditional plastics in the most demanding environments. It’s carbon neutral from cradle to gate, and is made primarily from renewable castor bean oil.

Big Performance with zero footprint

EcoPaXX is a high-performance resin with a neutral carbon footprint. In other words, the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated in producing the polymer is offset by the CO2 it absorbs in plant growth.

The main reason is that 70% of its building blocks come from the castor bean plant (Ricinus Communis) - a tropical plant that thrives in poor soil conditions. It doesn’t compete with the food chain and – importantly – absorbs significant amounts of CO2 in its growth.

Cradle to Cradle

EcoPaXX is proven – and holds the silver Cradle to Cradle® certification from world-renowned sustainable design firm McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. You can find more information on the sustainability of EcoPaXX in our Environmental Product Declaration.

Hot properties

EcoPaXX offers a unique blend of properties that guarantee performance in he most demanding of environments.

It has excellent mechanical properties, high heat stability, outstanding thermal stability for a broad processing window, low moisture absorption for good dimensional stability, high stiffness after conditioning, relatively low density for weight reduction, and good hydrolytic and chemical resistance.

All this, with a neutral carbon footprint.


Its unique properties make EcoPaXX well suited to a wide range of applications. In E&E for example, the material is ideal for internal framing applications as well as power distribution. In automotive, its heat resistance and resistance to oils and liquids make EcoPaXX a great choice for Under the Hood applications like cooling systems and engine covers – as well as safety systems including car seats and airbag systems.

In sports and leisure goods the outstanding impact and bending resistance of EcoPaXX is ideal for applications including running shoes and ski bindings; while in the demanding packaging industry it can be extruded to create strong, transparent films, or to create mono- and multi-filaments for all kinds of industrial and consumer-related applications.

Customer cases

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