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EcoPaXX markets

EcoPaXX® is a long-chain polyamide that offers you an outstanding blend of properties, including stiffness (highest among all long-chain polyamides) and toughness, especially against bending. It also performs reliably in extreme heat and is very resistant to chemicals and moisture. In fact, EcoPaXX is the highest melting aliphatic, long-chain polyamide, thus combining the unique properties of 4-based polyamides (high-crystallinity, melting point, stiffness) with those from the long-chain character (low-moisture uptake, chemical resistance).

This versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications in industries ranging from automotive to E&E to packaging to consumer goods. Each industry demands some very specific qualities from its materials, and in every case EcoPaXX delivers. And of course, it has a neutral carbon footprint.

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