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Consumer goods, sport and leisure

From skiing gear to zips and fasteners, manufacturers are looking to produce lighter, smarter - and greener - designs that meet the needs of modern consumers. EcoPaXX® fits the bill nicely.

Consumer goods, sport and leisure

EcoPaXX: Making lives brighter (and greener)

Whether it’s sports shoes, ski- and snowboard bindings, or stiffeners and fasteners, the exceptional bending and impact resilience of EcoPaXX makes it ideal for all kinds of dynamically loaded applications.

The material also has an excellent surface for painting – ideal for consumer applications where aesthetics can make all the difference…

DSM in Consumer Goods

From skiing to sailing to bobsleighing and golf, we support sport and in and around the home our plastics and resins can be found in everything from power tools to white goods.

Those who play and enjoy sport - from Olympians to rank amateurs - want better, lighter, higher-performing equipment; while in our everyday lives we’re increasingly looking for goods that perform well, look good, last longer, and use as little energy as possible, both in their production and use.

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