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Application Cases

ForTii® is proven to be highly effective for Laser Direct Structuring (LDS). Take a look at some of the cases.

Application Cases

LDS application cases

Having more benefits and functionalities within the same smaller space is the challenge in the electronics industry. Laser Direct Structering technology  makes this possible. The robust plating performance of Stanyl® ForTii™ combined with its high strength & stiffness at elevated temperatures, give designers the freedom to condense their designs. Take a look at some of the cases below and learn why ForTii® is proven to be highly effective for Laser Direct Structuring (LDS).

The demonstrator

Our LDS demonstrator does just what it says: This unique technology proofs the full compatibility of ForTii against 3D electronic designs including all processing steps from molding and lasering to plating and reflow soldering – including a live, burning LED. All four of the major LDS functionalities are tackled by our demonstrator, including E&E function, thermal management, mechanical performance and vision functionality. Also covered are ForTii’s processing ability and design flexibility. Why not take a look?

NXP chooses ForTii

Working with leading semiconductor manufacturer NXP, we developed the world’s smallest MEMS package, integrating a semiconductor and magnet for EMI filtering and ESD protection. The design is only possible because of ForTii’s ability to micro mold the housing and all its tiny components in combination with LDS to replace the PCB.

NXP (previously known as Philips Semiconductors) is a global leader active in semiconductor manufacturing across Consumer, Automotive, Security, RFID, Multimarket ICs and Discrete segments. This concept has not only helped the company push miniaturization to a new level, but also offers a viable alternative for applications where other MID techniques are too expensive – for example, due to lower production units or if the designs are simply too small.

Electronic coil

The dual helical electronic coil made using ForTii can withstand high temperatures and is ideal for PCB soldering. Its integrated mechanical features help simplify production and reduce system costs.



LVDS connector

FortTii has proved extremely effective for Low Voltage Differentiator Signalling (LVDS) in wire-to-board connectors. With a 0.4mm pitch and some 40 positions, the material enables a super-flat component produced using SMT reflow soldering – with no warpage.


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