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Terminal blocks

Heat management is critical for terminal blocks. How can you minimize creep at high voltage and thus get the very best from your application while managing costs? The answer is ForTii®- our unique polyamide 4T that’s strong, safe and sustainable.

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks

The very latest grade of our unique material - ForTii T11 - is ideal for printed circuit board (PCB) terminal blocks based on fast-emerging Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

It provides the high performance needed for this important application – such as extreme flame retardancy, best electrical performance (such as CTI), ready-to-use agency approval (VDE) and high mechanical performance. Meanwhile it’s both halogen and red phosphorous free.

In fact, as conventional wave soldering gives way to more efficient and sustainable SMT, ForTii TLL is proven to meet the top moisture sensitivity level, MSL2 (according to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 020D, which classifies materials according to their moisture sensitivity) The less moisture the material absorbs, the lower its tendency to blister during soldering.

The bottom line: ForTii outperforms traditional materials like polyamide 66, PPAs and LCPs and gives manufacturers the ability to make smaller terminal blocks with an even higher current while complying with all major E&E safety regulations around the world.  

Future trends

Looking ahead, the trends in terminal blocks are clear: Increasingly smaller pitches and higher voltage to the PCB; along with integration of functions (LEDS and fuses), and better Computer Telephony Integration.

At DSM we can help you meet all these needs – both through superior products, and through our extensive knowledge of the industry and applications.

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