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Automotive electronics

ForTii® gives automotive design engineers renewed flexibility in creating next-generation connectors that are smaller yet contain improved features – and all the while able to perform reliably at the highest temperatures…

Automotive electronics

Automotive connectors: If you can’t stand the heat

The automotive industry continues to evolve towards more sophisticated and environmentally friendly production techniques like the reflow soldering of electronic parts (such as connectors) to eliminate lead and other hazardous materials from products and processes. The great challenge is of course the increase in temperature from 245°C to 260°C .

Enter ForTii, which is superior to PPA and PCT materials thanks to its reflow performance; improved productivity through shorter cycle times; greater design freedom through higher mechanical performance; better processability; lower warpage at reflow and less tool adaptations when design changes are needed.


What really makes the material stand apart is its low warpage after soldering reflow. ForTii remains extremely rigid across the entire reflow temperature range.

Electronic Control Units

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is another application in transition, as it moves towards reflow-compatible surface mount connections, as well as reflow pin-through hole connections.

The superior strength and good flow properties of ForTii enable the mass production of components with thinner walls and therefore lighter components; a critical need as electrical content increases in the car.

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