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ForTii in Electrical and Electronics

Our ForTii® thermoplastic addresses market trends for miniaturization and convergence of electronic devices like cell phones and computers. It offers performance benefits simply unmatched by traditional materials…

ForTii in Electrical and Electronics

Plugging into better performance

Plastics can tackle many of the key trends in E&E. Connector miniaturization, pitch size reduction, pin count increase; they all require plastics with excellent molding capabilities and high-strength characteristics. Meanwhile the growth of lead-free reflow soldering will require materials with far higher temperature resistance and excellent co-planarity.

ForTii meets all these needs – and a host of other trends.

For example, high-speed applications require plastics with stable dielectric constant. Then of course there’s the huge trend towards greener designs requiring engineering plastics with a lower carbon footprint. We believe halogen-free plastics will spread further (thus raising the demand for high temperature plastics). Then of course, there is the issue of what happens to products at the end of their lives.

Again, ForTii delivers on these important requirements. It scores well in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and has a higher recycling content – absolutely key for the E&E industry.

Making innovation work

Because of its excellent compatibility with lead free surface mount technology - along with good dimensional stability - this halogen-free, flame-retardant material is highly suitable for many electronics applications.

Its electrical properties offer the highest CTI level possible, which (coupled with dimension stability) make ForTii extremely well suited to power applications.

ForTii is used for a variety of applications in E&E including:

  • Connectors & Sockets
  • Switches & circuit breakers
  • Sensors
  • Enclosures
  • LED lighting.

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