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LED lighting

With ForTii® we offer a reliable solution for LED housings and modules. It’s that simple.

LED lighting

Leading the way in LED lighting

As the LED industry grows and continues to shift towards increased lifetime and higher power requirements, so too does the need for greater material resistance against extreme heat and light. Some traditional plastic packages are prone to degradation of the plastic package.

Enter ForTii LED grades. Their extreme high reflectivity levels and heat ageing properties combined with mechanical strength enable more efficient LEDs with longer lifetimes, leading directly to significant savings in energy, product lifetime, cost and carbon emissions.

ForTii also integrates LED applications in automotive and consumer electronics with backlight display units (BLU); and all this is supported by specialist DSM support in LED socket design to ensure not only high output and durability, but also greater efficiency through improved heat management.

Benefits for LED lighting

ForTii offers:

  • Excellent flow with low wall thickness, lower flash and multi cavity capability;
  • High initial reflectivity (higher than Amodel, comparable to Genestar);
  • Very low heat ageing versus Genestar and Amodel;
  • Good adhesion to Epoxy and Silicon encapsulates;
  • Low production costs (use of regrind as well as multi cavity capability).

In combination with LDS technology ForTii offers even broader benefits for LED lighting applications by enabling the soldered of LEDS directly onto the plastic parts made from ForTii LDS grades.

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