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We already offer a wide portfolio of ForTii grades – with more to come. Our portfolio includes both (halogen-free) flame retardant and non-flame retardant grades for both E&E and automotive markets.


Making the grade: The ForTii portfolio

From glass fiber reinforced grades to color-stabilized grades to those suitable for Laser Director Structuring (LDS) and LED lighting… ForTii® is an extremely versatile thermoplastic. Take a look at our virtual line card to find the grade for you.

  • Standard grades

ForTii F11 and K11 grades are our standard grades, featuring a balance of high mechanical strength, good processing, high dimensional stability, and highest flow versus halogen-free competitive PPAs. F11 is ideal for many electrical and electronic components like Terminal Blocks, RAST, DDR3, FPC, I/O, SATA/SAS and DIN connectors, as well as other PCB components. It can also be used for applications that don’t require flame retardancy, like mobile phone components.

ForTii MX grades (MX1,2,3)  show better properties than existing PPA materials in terms of mechanical strength and toughness across a broad range of temperatures. Grades are available with glass fiber reinforcement ranging from 30 to 50%. ForTii MX combines  best mechanical performance (especially impact strength) in combination with high dimensional stability at ambient elevated (100°C) and high temperatures with limited influence of moisture. 

The extreme high aromatic of ForTii Ace (over 50% weight percentage) results in a unique set of properties:

  • Linear and stable mechanical performance up to 150°C
  • High peak temperature resistance up to 320°C
  • Superior chemical resistance compared to PEEK
  • Easy and robust to process

Target applications for ForTii Ace include cross beam bridges, structural oil pans, long engine mounts, and various transmission components.

ForTii Ace is available in range of different grades, tailored to your specific application needs. Our glass filled materials are: GF30, GF40 and GF50.                   

  • ForTii Eco

DSM ForTii Eco grades launched the next generation of high temperature polyamides.The polymer in the new grades is 30%-60% derived from renewable resources. The grades have a bio-content ranging from 10% to 25% by weight on a compound basis.

The ForTii Eco family consists of ForTii Eco E11, ForTii Eco E61, and ForTii Eco LDS62. They will provide halogen-free solutions for parts with thinner walls demonstrate very good flow together with excellent mechanical and dielectrical properties. Key applications for ForTii Eco E11 and ForTii Eco E61 include surface-mount technology (SMT) connectors, like the new USB-C, and also audio jacks; ForTii Eco LDS62 is highly suitable for antennas, RFID security casings, and switches found in many portable electronic devices.

  • High stiffness grades

F12 and K12 are our higher stiffness grades with good dimensional stability, well suited to applications like sliders or FPC connectors and actuators.

  • Low warpage grade

F31 is our very low warpage grade outperforming current benchmark PA9T grades like GW2458HF. F31 is ideal for components like memory card connectors.

Proven Customer Applications

ForTii is being used for a wide range of applications - from Under The Hood components in cars to LED lighting, to connectors in the electronics segment.

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  • High flow grades

Our high flow grade is H11. It features about 15% improved flow versus F11 in thin wall structures and is ideal for components produced using injection molding.

  • Color stabilized grade

F11(C) is our color stabilized grade especially developed to reduce the color change following lead free reflow soldering when no nitrogen blanket is used during the soldering process.

  • Laser Direct Structuring grade

LDS 51, LDS 85 and LDS 62 are our IR-laser sensitive grades, especially developed for the LDS technique in 3D-MID. Typical application include EMI filters, antennas, RFIDs or single and dual-layer PCBs of any structure.

  • LED grades

Our NC1103 series is a family of high reflective, white color LED grades developed specifically for LED packages and modules. They feature very high initial reflectivity of white light and good retention in heat and irradiation exposure

  • Automotive line card

Our automotive grades of ForTii are ideal for components made using injection molding. That includes connectors, sensors and relays, and structural parts Under the Hood, where the ability to withstand heat and chemicals long-term is essential.

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